Friday, December 12, 2008

What's New with Tura???


I just wanted to let you all catch up on what is happening with me and what has happened with me for the last few months.

Starting out with my trip to San Diego Comicon, that did not work out so well because we were hoping to show off my statue there this last summer, but were unable to do so because not all of the statues made it there, and the booth that I was going to be at was not available.  Thankfully, my friend and entrepeneur Kevin Michaels came through and brought me down there for the show.  We were touting the new Ted Mikels Documentary, (He is the producer/director of Astro Zombies, the Doll Squad, Mark of the Astro Zombies).  There will soon be a Astro Zombies 3.  

After that jaunt to San Diego, I went to Toronto Canada.  I have to say that I enjoyed my time in Toronto and meeting the fans of Canada was a treat for me and hopefully for them?  The only bad thing about that trip was that most of my equipment and samples did not make it there and I wound up losing money going there.  I still have to ship a couple of statues up there to the fans that ordered them.  I will be doing that very shortly.  It seems that my things were held up in the customs section of Canada and when they came back to me without being delivered, that there were quite a few items missing from there, including a couple of the statues and comics, t-shirts, dvd's and small bobble head astro zombie statues.  I guess that is the trials of traveling internationally. Sticky fingered customs people.  

After coming back from Canada and meeting and greeting the fans there, I went to St. Louis, Mo. to the Monster Kit builders show.  There is was wonderful to see the city where I basically became a star burlesque performer.  The fans were wonderful and were surprising to see that there were a few around who remembered my dance routines.  I have to say that there is a new action figure of me out there in the kit building world, which I am sure that you will all enjoy decorating to your hearts content.  I will be having the back on my website as soon as my store is up and running again.  I will be having both of the figures up there.  The Statue created by Mark Alfrey and the action figure that is a kit which needs to be assembled, but think of all the fun that you will have putting me together!  Ha Ha Ha.

The next stop was the Tura Tribute that was given for me in Chicago, IL., basically my hometown.  I have to say that it was great to go back home and see all of the people that made paintings of me and statues and carvings that were absolutely gorgeous.  I am even on skateboards created by Mitch O'Connell.  The illustration created by Shag is absolutely gorgeous and there are a limited amount of illustrations available for a short time.  I have received copies of a lot of the paintings that were sold there.  I can not thank the artists and craftsmen who created some of the art that was there, without feeling very humble for the accolades that they paid me.  I would probably be in tears, because of the loveliness of the art work accumulated in that one lovely room.  The biggest enjoyment that I received was meeting all of the fans and the people who came by to just say hello.  This tribute was due to the efforts of my dearest friends, Bethany Snyder and Mitch O'Connell and all of the other friends that I met by going back to my hometown.  Love them dearly.

This past year has been great for me and I hope for all of my fans as well.  I had the honor of appearing with my friend Kitten Natividad in SUGAR BOXX.  This film will probably be released into theaters around February or March of next year.  

I also had the privilege to renew my character of Varla in Rob Zombies's THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO.  It should also be released sometime next year.  I can hardly wait to see just what it might do with my fans and Rob's.

I think that beginning next month we will be starting the filming the documentary of some of my career and highlight moments of my life as a dancer and actress.  It will be something that should be of interest to view once my autobiography is published.  

I just want to say thank you to all of my fans for the many years that you have kept me in your minds and hearts. I think that I am one of the luckiest people alive, because of your wishes to see me in my various performances.  Wishing you all a very Happy, Merry Holiday Season and a Joyous and Bountiful New Year to you all.

Always remember me with love, 
Tura Satana