Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The show at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs

Hi Pussycats:

I am so sorry that I am not going to be at the gallery showing in Palm Springs on the 25th of April. I am sure that it will be wonderful as always, but I am sorry that I can't be there. I just can't afford to make appearances for nothing. You all will be able to see my dear friend Kitten Natividad and Dennis Busch (The Vegetable from FPKK) and from what I understand, several celebrities who live in Palm Springs. I am sure that all who attend will have a wonderful time. I hope that you will get to see some wonderful Paintings and art work there. I hope that there will be a few drawings of me there. My friend Jason said that he was going to make a rice picture of me and I know that it will be gorgeous.

Please enjoy yourselves and let me know how it goes.

Always with Love,
Tura Satana