Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting Well

I am sorry to have been so laxed in keeping up my blog, but I have been having some very bad pains in my back recently, because I was doing my therapy for my knees.  I was riding a stationary bike.  After my time on the bike I was getting off when my right knee gave out and I fell to the floor as the bike fell on me as well.  Which caused a bad injury to my back again.  I was in no condition to sit for any period of time and write on m computer, so I just tried to get well.  Today, I had several injections into my spine so that it would control the pain for a couple of months.    Then I will probably have to get some more injections, but it will help me control the pain for a while.  

I am getting ready to start on the filming of Astro Zombies 3 where I play another sister Malvina  although I think the name should be Devilon would be much better.  Remember that was my original dancing name.  My original danicng name was Devilon Satana.
After that, hopefully I will begin shooting on my documentary.  I am trying to get things done so that all of you will have nice memories of me when I am truly gone, which I hope will not be for a very long time.  

I am hoping that all of the old timers of burlesque will be making it to the Exotic World annual get together.  Then I hope that I will be making a trip to England to make appearances to the UK.  If not, then I think that I will have to get some offers in the other countries of Europe because I don't think that I will make back there again.  I hope that i will get the chance to say Hello to Europe one last time.  After that, I think that I will be busy helping develop new projects for Varla Films.  I have several ideas for some very interesting films and I will be looking for new talent who will possibly be able to carry on Varla's legacy.

Hopefully, I know that I will find some of various namesakes or likenesses in either the USA or in Europe.  In the meantime, I will continue to make sure that the strong, beautiful women of this world stay noticed as long as I can.

Remember me Always, 
Tura Satana