Friday, December 11, 2009

Missing in action

Hi Pussycat Gang:

Sorry to have been away. I was in the hospital but it was nothing serious. I am doing fine now. Hope that you all are going to have a very Merry Christmas. I know that times are harder, (oh boy do I know it!) and that things are very tough. I hope that you will still have a very Happy and Merry Holiday Season and I hope that all of your wishes come true. We were to have started on the documentary, but I got ill and we couldn't start it this year, which means that we will have to work twice as hard next year. It will be coming out soon and I hope that you will definitely enjoy it. I may be coming to Europe next year as well, because I have been collaborating with Yvan Serrano of the Healer Selective and Dustaphonics and we have been writing songs together. He the music and I the lyricist. The latest song was THE BURLESQUE QUEEN and it came out really nice. So, I hope you like that as well. Take care and have a wonderful holiday season. Sending you all loads of love and kisses.

Tura Satana

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

recent film releases

Hello everyone:

All those of you celebrating, I want to wish you all a wonderful and joyous Birthday. May all your wishes come true and may you get to enjoyed the wishing so well.

Well, SUGAR BOXX is out and so is the HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUERBEASTO, I am sure the fans will enjoy both of them, next will come Astro Zombies M3 Cloned. That will make three films out for yours truly. I know that some of the parts are not large, but they were fun to do. Hopefully there will be more to come soon. I am also starting on the Documentary and hopefully this will be finished next year as well, but no telling. I hope that you will all wish me lots of luck and I will keep on kickin' ass for as long as I can.

Tura Satana

Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthday Wishes

I just wanted to thank all of you who wished me a very happy 71st birthday. I am happy to be able to celebrate this one and setting up a new life in Utah. Once, I am there, hopefully, I will be able to open up my store again so that all of the fans who would like to can order something from there. In the mean time, if any of you want to order something, either email or you can go to facebook and order off the order form there in my profile. You will have to send either money order or cashier's check for the things that you wish to order.

I really appreciate all of the birthday wishes and I am so thankful for my fans througbout the world who were and have wished me a very happy birthday. I know that my heart is overflowing with the love that I am receiving. Thank you all so very much.

Always remember me with love,

Tura Satana

Thursday, May 28, 2009

lots of news

Hello my dear friends:

I just thought that I should let you all know what has been happening recently. One of my movies will be shown in the SF area, called SUGAR BOXX. It will be showing on July 9th in that area. I know that Rob Zombies animated film will be out soon so look for THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO. I have also finished the dialogue for Astro Zombies 3, the resurrection. You all should enjoy this film, I know that I will. Then we are going to be going on the road with the documentary, when it is finished, I am hoping that the biography will be published and ready to be released at the same time.

Right now, I am packing up and getting ready to move. I will eventually wind up either in Palm Springs or in the SF area. I would love to really move over to Europe and find some place really nice there. Then I am going to start looking for someone who would like to keep me company and enjoy traveling around the world so that I could tell all of my fans a last hello and goodbye.

Tura Satana

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hi Gang:

I am sorry that my front page has been gone for a few days, but a hacker got into my server and hacked over a thousand website front pages.  I swear, if I ever get over to Turkey, i am going to find this guy and cut his balls off.  You think that someone with so much talent would use it for something constructive, but no, they have to go and destroy things that they can't enhance.    It just boggles my mind that so much talent can be so wasted,  Well, I guess it is to each his own.  I would love to see that talent put to good use and develop programs that can't be broken into.  

I just wanted to apologize for the inconvenience and to hope that everyone didn't think that I had gone on to my great reqard.  I am still here and going strong.  Hopefully I will be finding me a new general practioner for a family Dr.  My other Dr. just was not sufficient.  He had too many assistants who didn't know what they were doing and cast the blame on the patients.  I am looking for a new family dr. to take care of my medical needs and to help me begin a good nutritional regime for me to get onto.

I need to get back down to my fighting weight and I want to do it NOW>

Tura Satana

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The show at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs

Hi Pussycats:

I am so sorry that I am not going to be at the gallery showing in Palm Springs on the 25th of April. I am sure that it will be wonderful as always, but I am sorry that I can't be there. I just can't afford to make appearances for nothing. You all will be able to see my dear friend Kitten Natividad and Dennis Busch (The Vegetable from FPKK) and from what I understand, several celebrities who live in Palm Springs. I am sure that all who attend will have a wonderful time. I hope that you will get to see some wonderful Paintings and art work there. I hope that there will be a few drawings of me there. My friend Jason said that he was going to make a rice picture of me and I know that it will be gorgeous.

Please enjoy yourselves and let me know how it goes.

Always with Love,
Tura Satana

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Premier of Sugar Boxx

Hi All:

I just wanted to let you all know that SUGAR BOXX will be premiering in the San Francisco area.  I think it will be in Alameda on July 9th 2009 or maybe I have it wrong and it will be at the Alameda Theater on July 9th, but I will check it out and be sure to let you know the correct information.  I hope that you will all come to see it and will all enjoy it as well.  Kitten Natividad and I are both in the film so they will have to have a very wide screen.  HA HA HA.  KITTEN AND I  will both be there for the premier as well.  Hope to see you there.

Tura Satana

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My weekend in Palm Springs

Hi Gang:

I just thought that I would write to let you know how much fun that I had in Palm Springs this last weekend.  I went there to help celebrate the birthdays of three very dear  friends.  Ben celebrated his 40th birthday, and two very dear ladies celebrated their birthdays as well for the month of February.  (Siouxzan and Kitten).  Needless to say, I worked my fingers to the bone making birthday presents.  Between making blankets and stoles and capes, it was wonderful to see the looks on their faces when they got the presents.  I also made a jeweled box for Siouxzan.  I thought that it would be nice if I made my gifts to them because anyone can go out and buy stuff, but these were made with love.  

We stayed a fabulous little hotel there called the Coral Sands, Owned and Operated by a dear lady, Ruby Montana.  Since we had all the rooms, it was one big party all through the hotel.  Being at Ruby's was like being at home and having a great time with friends dropping in and bringing party favors, snacks, plus we barbecued some great food that was cooked by BiBi and Marie.  I think that I gained 25 lbs. just from the food that was prepared so well.  If any of you go to Palm Springs, you should definitely stay at Ruby Montana's Coral Sands Hotel.  If you don't you will always regret it.  

Needless to say, we partied all weekend and between the Chanpagne and a couple of glasses of wine on my part, the weekend was a ball.  I hadn't seen any of my friends for over a year and a half, so it was doubly wonderful.  Heck Sooz and I danced until the wee small hours of the morning.  Finally, when I looked up everyone was gone.  All I have to say is that you young people have no staying power.  

I have to download all the pix that were taken but you will all be happy to know that I have finally decided who the director of my documentary will be.  I got to meet Jeffrey Schwarz this past weekend and we had such a wonderful rapport that I decided to have him as the director of the documentary.  I know that he will do a wonderful job for not only myself, but for the fans as well.  I have seen some of his other work and he is fabulous.

We will be traveling back to Chicago in the next few months and going from there to St Louis, NYC, pretty much all of the various states that I have danced in and then appeared in for the films that I have done.  It should be great viewing for all of my friends and fans.  

Always with love, 
Tura Satana

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Palm Springs party

Hey everyone:

Just thought that I would let you all know that I will be gone this coming weekend.  I will be down in Palm Springs helping to celebrate my friend Ben Cord's birthday.   Kitten Natividad and I will be down there to celebrate this festive occassions and hope that he has a birthday that he will never forget.  I know that his wife will enjoy herself and kitten and I will take her under our wings and tell her how to really satisfy some of his dreams.  Get to see my manager Siouxzan after such a long time.  I have not seen her in over a year.  Hopefully, we will have a great deal of fun and games.  This is the first time, I have gone somewhere without really planing everything down to the last detail.  Love you loads and you  guys don't party to hardy until I get there.

Oh I guess I should let you all know that I am feeling very good lately and have been basically pain free for the past couple of weeks.  I am hoping that this will continue for the next few months.

Always with love, 
Tura Satana

Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting Well

I am sorry to have been so laxed in keeping up my blog, but I have been having some very bad pains in my back recently, because I was doing my therapy for my knees.  I was riding a stationary bike.  After my time on the bike I was getting off when my right knee gave out and I fell to the floor as the bike fell on me as well.  Which caused a bad injury to my back again.  I was in no condition to sit for any period of time and write on m computer, so I just tried to get well.  Today, I had several injections into my spine so that it would control the pain for a couple of months.    Then I will probably have to get some more injections, but it will help me control the pain for a while.  

I am getting ready to start on the filming of Astro Zombies 3 where I play another sister Malvina  although I think the name should be Devilon would be much better.  Remember that was my original dancing name.  My original danicng name was Devilon Satana.
After that, hopefully I will begin shooting on my documentary.  I am trying to get things done so that all of you will have nice memories of me when I am truly gone, which I hope will not be for a very long time.  

I am hoping that all of the old timers of burlesque will be making it to the Exotic World annual get together.  Then I hope that I will be making a trip to England to make appearances to the UK.  If not, then I think that I will have to get some offers in the other countries of Europe because I don't think that I will make back there again.  I hope that i will get the chance to say Hello to Europe one last time.  After that, I think that I will be busy helping develop new projects for Varla Films.  I have several ideas for some very interesting films and I will be looking for new talent who will possibly be able to carry on Varla's legacy.

Hopefully, I know that I will find some of various namesakes or likenesses in either the USA or in Europe.  In the meantime, I will continue to make sure that the strong, beautiful women of this world stay noticed as long as I can.

Remember me Always, 
Tura Satana

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hi Pussycat Gang:

I just thought that I would hope that all of you had a wonderful and prosperous New Year.  My celebration was very quiet and I only had one glass of champagne to bring in the New Year.  I sent you all a Happy New Years Kiss.  I hope you all got it?  I recently had to have some procedures done on my spine, but I am fine now.  My knees are still giving me a few problems, but I am doing better now.   I hope that I get a few hugs back.  Right now there is going to be the screening of the film SUGAR BOXX on this Sunday.  The screening is for the cast and friends so that it can be previewed by cast and press.  I hope that it is a very big success for Cody Jarrett who is the director and producer of the film.  This means that the film will be released very shortly and I want you all to go and see it.  Let me know if I did well in my part or not.  I can take it, no matter what.  

We will begin shooting my documentary in March or April.  I hope that we have some good weather in Chicago for the shooting.  I will take you through my old neighborhood and show you all some of the spots that were important to me.  Soon we will walk through all of the different memories that I have had throughout my life in Chicago and the various theaters that I worked in as a stripper and some of the men in my life.  At least the ones still alive.  Who knows, I might just meet someone special in my life after all these years?

I am hoping that things will come together for me.  I am probably going to sell my home in Reno and probably move on down to Palm Springs, CA so that I will be closer to my friends.  Or if I can't get the price for it that I need, then I will just stay here and live out the rest of my life here in the lovely High Sierra's.

I don't have that much to talk about right now.  I just want to wish for a wonderful Year to come for everyone and hope that all of my New Year will be as busy for me as last year.  We have a show coming up in Palm Springs in April that will be a tribute to the Pussycats and the rest of the cast members of FPKK that are still living.  Besides myself, there will be Haji, Lori Williams, Dennis Busch (the Vegetable), and also Susan Bernard.  It will be the 44th year for FPKK and there will also be an art show as a tribute to FPKK cast members.  Hope to see you all there.  The show will be around the 14th of April, but that might change so please check out my website for the appearances scheduled for this year.  Hope to see you there.

Always with love, 
Tura Satana

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Years Wishes

Hi Pussycat Gang:

I just wanted to let you all know what my New Year's wishes are. I wish that things will work out for me and that I will be able to publish my biography. Secondly, I am really very serious about doing the documentary on my career and the men in my life. Next, I think that I would love to meet someone that could fill the emptiness in my life since my husband passed away. If I don't, I guess that I will be fine anyway. As for my New Years Resolutions, I am going to try to enroll in a gym and get my figure back down to what it was 15 yrs. ago. I am also going to try and make sure that my spine holds up under all the stress. I am going to try and get me a bowflex treadclimber or a treadmill machine that I can keep in my front room so that I can exercise every day. I want to stay healthy and trim down.

I am writing the second volume of my biography which is about the years in burlesque. I have to admit that after the accident with the car, that I have tried to avoid as much pain as possible, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to get the stamina back that I used to have. Now, I have to work on that and make sure that I do get the power back in my lungs. My breasts I will have to learn how to stop them from growing still. Maybe, if I trim down they will also.

I am hoping that you all have a wonderful and safe New Years and that you will all have a fantastic year to follow. I am keeping my fingers crossed so that I will make some additional films for my fans to watch and I will hope that they will be as entertaining as some of my previous ones have been. Maybe I should write one of my own so that the fans will continue to remember me always.


Always remember me,
Tura Satana