Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Years Wishes

Hi Pussycat Gang:

I just wanted to let you all know what my New Year's wishes are. I wish that things will work out for me and that I will be able to publish my biography. Secondly, I am really very serious about doing the documentary on my career and the men in my life. Next, I think that I would love to meet someone that could fill the emptiness in my life since my husband passed away. If I don't, I guess that I will be fine anyway. As for my New Years Resolutions, I am going to try to enroll in a gym and get my figure back down to what it was 15 yrs. ago. I am also going to try and make sure that my spine holds up under all the stress. I am going to try and get me a bowflex treadclimber or a treadmill machine that I can keep in my front room so that I can exercise every day. I want to stay healthy and trim down.

I am writing the second volume of my biography which is about the years in burlesque. I have to admit that after the accident with the car, that I have tried to avoid as much pain as possible, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to get the stamina back that I used to have. Now, I have to work on that and make sure that I do get the power back in my lungs. My breasts I will have to learn how to stop them from growing still. Maybe, if I trim down they will also.

I am hoping that you all have a wonderful and safe New Years and that you will all have a fantastic year to follow. I am keeping my fingers crossed so that I will make some additional films for my fans to watch and I will hope that they will be as entertaining as some of my previous ones have been. Maybe I should write one of my own so that the fans will continue to remember me always.


Always remember me,
Tura Satana


frankensteinsbride1313 said...

Happy New Year!
I wish you the best of luck for this coming year and your resolutions.

Crazy Oiran said...

Akemashite Omedeto, Tura!!

I hope that your good physical condition returns to you.
And I hope your autobiography to be published.
And I always hope for your happiness.
Please always remember it.

Aishite mas.

Chris Casey said...

Hey, Tura!! Happy New Year!
I hope everything you wish for becomes reality in 2009!

Remembering you, always!

Tura's World said...


Thank you for the New Years wishes. I wish the same for you.

Crazy Oiran:

Thanks so much for your well wishes. I wish you the same and hope that you have a great New Year. Aishite mas.

Chris Casey:

Thanks Chris, I wish you the same.

Tura Satana

vierablu said...

Tura, it's end of March, so maybe a bit too late for New Year's wishes, but... Happy New Year!

I have the same problems with breasts! They do not stop growing, it's a bit frightening. Unruly beasts...

聖諭 said...